Elen Miller (Child) & John Greenfield (Spouse)

Elen Miller

Elen was born in Austin, Texas on February 18, 1943 (she was the first female grandchild).

The family moved to Lubbock, Texas in the Fall of 1946 after her Father, E.G. Pharr returned from the Pacific. 

Elen graduated from Monterey High School in 1961 & attended SMU where she majored in design. She was a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority where she served as Rush Captain and then President.  Elen graduated in May, 1965

She then moved to London England that June  where she worked as a secretary at the US Air Force base.   She returned to Lubbock in late December, 1965 and became engaged to Buddy Harris, her college sweetheart.  They married in April, 1966.     

In 1971, Elen married John Greenfield and they had two children, Johnny (1972) and Caroline (1974).

In July, 1995 she married Albert Frederick  Moncrieff and they lived on a 100+ acre property with a beautiful 5 bedroom home until his death in 2007 from cancer.  That same year Elen’s first grandchild,  Miller Douglas Greenfield arrived.  

With Johnny, Jac & Miller

In 2018, Elen married Jan Garrett a retired surgeon and now lives in Tyler, Texas.