Jeter Nimmo (Spouse)


Born January 24, 1920

HON. RALPH M. HALL of Texas in the house of representatives.

Mr. HALL of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay my respects to a

good friend, fine Texan and more importantly a great American–Mr.

Jeter Nimmo. Jeter was born on January 24, 1920 in Delta County, Texas,

where he learned the importance of family, church and community. Jeter

took these values with him to the University of Texas at

Austin, where he earned a degree in engineering, and to the Army Air

Corps, where he served his country as a pilot during World War II.

Jeter spent the majority of his adult life in Van Zandt County,

Texas, where he was a community leader. Actively involved in church and

community affairs, Jeter often volunteered his time, labor and talents

to the First Baptist Church of Van Zandt. Not only did Jeter dedicate

himself to his family and church, but he also served as an officer for

both the Federal Land Bank and the Texas Farm Bureau Association. Such

tireless efforts to his community made Jeter the wonderful man and

special friend that I stand here today to honor. Giving not only of

himself, but even of his own money to those individuals and families

less fortunate, Jeter was a daily testimony of his commitment to God,

family, friends and community.

Mr. Speaker, Jeter Nimmo passed from us on February 25th of this

year. He is survived by his two daughters and their husbands: Nancy and

Joe Lambert of Colfax, Texas and Caroline and Mike Athey of Niceville,


Mr. Speaker, as we adjourn today’s session, let us do so in honor of

this outstanding husband, father, friend and American, Mr. Jeter Nimmo.

He will be missed by all those who knew him.

Died February 25, 1998